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We provide Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions ☁️ 

We're your trusted modern bookkeepers. We aim to help you, as a startup and small business entrepreneur, find the strength in your numbers through high-quality service and the latest technology. We'll fulfill your bookkeeping needs so you can grow your business successfully.

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Who We Are

We are doers, entrepreneurs and visionaries. We want to align with your business goals, and help you achieve them through automating workflow, paperless bookkeeping, and full transparency in your business. 

We are not robots or algorithms; we are people with a passion for helping you achieve your dreams. We aim to meet your bookkeeping needs through our services, so you have the freedom to scale your business successfully!


What We Offer

We offer a great customer experience paired with reliable paperless bookkeeping services. Gone are your days of shoeboxes stuffed with receipts in the closet and snail-mail correspondence with Susan in HR.

At SaltyBooks, we make sure all your reports & confidential documents are available to you at your fingertips. You can also access our team directly to answer questions, without the bureaucracy of a big accounting firm. We do our best to get to know you and help you meet your financial goals, so you can see your business dreams come true.

Why Us

We care about you, and we care about your business. As entrepreneurs, we see the world through your eyes, and we know what it takes to get that dream off the ground. We also know the financial pressures businesses can come across, and we want to be able to bring strength to your numbers as you learn to climb to a new level of success. 

At SaltyBooks, we help your company to use more efficient financial systems that make your bookkeeping smooth and painless.

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